Take a look at these featured websites below, their movies are all about facesitting and mixed wrestling domination or fantasy catfight. Below you will find an honest description about each facesitting and female wrestling sites. Depending if you're looking for nude or non-nude facesitting, mixed wrestling or lesbian wrestling. Some sites focus more on facesitting and others are more about smothering in wrestling. For those of you that loves erotic wrestling, you'll be quite happy with all the wrestling holds and finishes that females uses, such as strong headscissors and bodyscissors, headlocks, facesitting pins, camel clutch, boston crab and breast smother!

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Mixed Wrestling and Facesitting addicts, check out Lethal Bitches. The theme of this site focus mainly around female vs male wrestling and include a great number of different facesitting pins. But the girls are facesitting not only to humiliate the weak man but really smothering them! With gorgeous curvy woman like them, a big ass smothering a man is all it takes to end the mixed wrestling match! Of course before ending it, they exert total domination on the male, especially with hot reverse head scissors that make the man very dizzy. Back braking camel clutch and other painful wrestling pins and holds, makes this site very unique! A must see for the wrestling facesitting lover!
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Have a thing for mixed wrestling in oil, then check out Mixed Oil Wrestling! There, you'll find beautiful females with big tits and big round ass wrestle with some lucky male, all that in a pool of baby oil to make it extra slippery! The girls turns this oil at their advantage since they can very quickly slip to a better position to further dominate the man. Arm locks, crushing headscissors, nasty pins, facesitting finishes and even some thoat sitting! The weak men are smothered every which ways by these sexy women!
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Looking for female vs female wrestling? You definitely enjoy these fantasy catfights where the girls battles each other in an erotic lesbian wrestling match! See them crush their opponents with powerful headscissors and back breaking pins such as the camel clutch and boston crab. Of course, when girls fight, they are bound to breast smother each other and also some vicious nipple twisting and breast clawing. These women are really naughty, they don't care about the rules.
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Facesitting fans, look no further! At Facesitting Bitches, it's 100% about facesitting! You'll love those heavy bottom women facesitting men. Wearing panties or gorgeous lingerie, these dominant female will smother men with their big round ass! And they truly know what facesitting means, they plent their butt heavily on a man's face, sitting forward or reverse, the facesitting is intense and very often fullweight! The role of the male slave is to lay there, take a big breath, and hold it! If you love full lenght facesitting movies, this is the site for you.
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Total Mixed Wrestling Domination, is what you get with Mistress Nikki! You can check her site at Mistress Whiplash. Nikki is a gorgeous strong and tall female from the UK, and her wrestling moves are excrutiating to the poor male slave that come in her way! She has strong legs and powerfull buttock that when wrapped around your neck, makes a for a painfully crushing headscissors! I just love to see men almost passing out between her legs or under her ass when she's facesitting them full weight. And of course smothering men with various chokes and strangle holds! She really enjoys dominating a man while she wrestles them and finishes always with some long lasting facesitting pins!
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If you prefer Nude Mixed Wrestling and Facesitting, then check out Deadly Females! Most of the fantasy wrestling fights features naked females that wrestles and facesit males. Quite often, the girls are having a nice day outside subathing wearing their favorite bikini, while a perverted man hangs in the bushes. It don't take long for the girl to jump on him and quickly wrestles him into submission. The bikini gets lost quite fast and they use their crotchless pussy to smother the man. As you may know already, a nude ass facesitting smothers a lot better than with skirts or panties! The girls uses their wet pussy and big asses for good facesitting domination!
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